To all you B2B Marketers!

Customer centricity, customer experience, content in context and corporate storytelling − these are not mere buzzwords. They are the new imperatives of strategic marketing. Stratforward presents Mind on Fire, a three part blog series that offers deeper insights. Get started with the first part.

Mind on Fire: Part #1
Customer Centricity
is not about delivering great customer experiences, but it is first about focusing on customers who give your business a strategic advantage.

  • Do you know your top contributing customers?
  • Do you know their worth?
  • Do you know why they contribute the most?

The more you know, the more you can serve and deliver value. The more you deliver value, the more they engage. More engagement leads to deeper connect with your brand, thereby paving
way for brand advocacy.

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Author: Jennyfer J.S. | Principal Consultant

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