Content or insight – what’s it that works? Can data quality alone bring success to B2B marketing, or are you missing other core ingredients? Is over-leveraging every medium the issue, or using the medium intrusively the issue?

Well, several questions and several answers exist and persist.

The guts to leverage bad experiences to change the face of marketing is the missing link. 

How many marketers can stand up and say, I did this, that and that too, and I realized none of them worked? How many marketers can say, I know this does not work anymore and I need to reinvent.

In all this, what will never fade away is talking to the point of relevance. Every other investment will become suboptimal if you do not connect with your constantly changing customer. What is in today is out tomorrow. A leaf to be taken from our younger generation – adapt on the go – is not just essential, it is survival.

No dearth for too many ‘gyan babas’, hyped stories, feel-good case studies and marketer of the year awards.

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Advertising, Print, Television, Apps… omg, omg, omg… STOP!

With all this and more, with all the budgets and more, why are more and more businesses struggling, in the dumps, in the red????

Stereotypes are death and nothing but death. Herd mentality should be the non-operative word – be it for marketing of entrenched brands or struggling start-ups.

Revolt Marketing is the new word. Revolt against the done and died techniques.

Re-hear, Re-weigh, Re-envision, Re-conceive and Resurrect!

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AUTHOR: Jennyfer J.S. | Principal Consultant